Free Ezine Articles

Do you write ezine articles?

Are you a ezine publisher looking for free content?

What good is writing an ezine article if no one reads it?
Free Ezine Articles is an announcement list for quality ezine articles.
All members may freely post their articles as long as they agree by the posting rules.

Posting Rules:
* All articles posted may be freely reprinted.
* No hate, sexually explicit, or illegal articles.
* Absolutely NO advertisements, this group is for articles only
* Please only post each article one time.

Anyone found violating the posting rules will be banned from the list, no questions asked!

Ezine publishers may use any articles posted to this group
as long as they follow the publishing rules.
Publishing Rules:
* Articles must be reprinted in entirety.
* Resource box must be included. 
* Author must be notified or forwarded copy of ezine
  after article is reprinted

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